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Instead of my usual sales blurb…
I’m gonna do something a little different…
My girlfriend – a 40 something Brit soccermom…
Wants to try her hand at erotic stories…
Sooo…I present Kinky Kate’s first fuck fest story…
Let me know if y’all enjoy it – she may start a blog!!!

It had been one of those days. You know the kind when work is a total bastard. Deadlines to meet & nothing goes quite to plan?.
My boss is a total wanker & vented his spleen on me so I vented mine on the others.
Still by the end of the day – the work was unfinished & I knew that the next day – my life wouldn’t be living.
Boy was I was in a bad mood – sick of being humiliated – weary & pent up.

There was nothing else for it except to go to the pub & have a few drinks.
There is a guy who goes in sometimes & while he may not know it yet – there is definitely “potential” there.
He tends to stand alone – quietly drink his pint – look around – he seems to see everything – yet avoids my eye.
I imagine he would be a beautiful mixture of gentle yet strong – measured yet prone to loosing control, which was just what I need.
He usually leaves after one or two drinks – I needed to get a move on.
Although tonight I wasn’t fussy & in his absence I would always suss out if there was anyone there worth fucking.
Tonight I need to fuck – feel hardness in me – deep & hot.

The traffic is heavy – my usual car park full & I have to wait ten minutes for a space.
I just want to get to the pub – cast my predatory eye around & relax with a drink.
At last – the car parked – I locked up – my pace quickens as I stride along the back street that leads to the bar.
God just as I was turned the corner a bunch of builders leered & jeered at me.
There must have been 6 of them.
Fucking hell – I wasn’t in the mood for them – and they don’t know what I am capable of in a mind set such as this?
Most of them are young – early twenties & the most baby faced one of all has a lot to say.
I glared at them all & anxious to check out if my mysterious man was in the bar.
I walk on by – turn the corner – walk in the side door of my favourite bar & order a drink..

MILF Money 3

A double G & T in hand – I find a table & sit down.
Mr Potential isn’t here but there is time yet & I mustn’t loose hope?
He often called in for a quick one after work – so I read my paper & keep an eye on the door.
Concentrating on anything except the throbbing in my cunt was impossible.
The words merged into a blurry haze & when I turned the page & it brushed gently on my breast – I felt my nipples stand up.
I feigned reading the paper & lost myself in imagining the encounter.
My breathing hastened – my pants dampened & discreetly I slip my hand up my skirt just beyond the top of my stocking tops.
I pull my pants to one side & tease my clitoris with my finger.
I have to admit – even I like the smooth feel of my inner thigh.
The door opens – two women walk in. Fuck – I am tired & frustrated of the wait for the man I intend to have.
My revs are well & truely up.
Intermittently as I take my hand out of my cunt – lift my glass to my mouth – I smell my juices.
I slip my wet finger into my mouth & suck the mucky wet.
Two more large G & T’s & still he didn’t show. I kind of kkow he likely wasn’t coming & as the front bar was empty apart from me & the 2 women.
I scanned the back bar for a fuckable guy.
I had hardly ever known the place to be so quiet?
And given how I had indulged my head – fingered myself not far short of the point of explosion – I was in a foul mood.
I ordered one last drink – knocked it back in one go & made my way towards the car.

It was beginning to get dark – though a little of dusk remained.
God – I knew I shouldn’t drive – but didn’t care.
I turned up the hill & remembering how the builders had jeered me earlier .
I began to kick myself that I hadn’t done something about their come on?
As I approach the building – I heard a noise & a guy came out – locking the door – he turned & began to walk in my direction.
Only feet away from me – my eyes meet his & there is was – the young mouthy one.
I stopped – he approached unaware of who I was until he was only a few feet away from me.
I knew that minute – I was going to have some fun!

“Hello boy…..remember me”?
He stuttered – mumbled something about it just being a bit of fun & went to carry on walking.
“What’s wrong boy……are you afraid. You are not so vocal now are you”.
I grabbed his arm & gently pulled him towards me. He flinched. Can you believe it? Mr Big mouth was frightened.
“Sorry about that” – he said – “It was only a bunch of guys – no offence intended”.
“I am far from offended young man – but I do expect that if someone makes comments – the least they can do is to have the balls to follow through”.
His face registered what I meant – he stepped back a little & looked even more nervous than before.
Though beneath the apprehension I sensed he was getting aroused.
Still he apologised for his earlier bravado – said something about having to go meet his girl friendand said goodnight.
I reached down – touched his groin & feeling a wonderful erection – looked at him & smiled.

“Ok boy – off you go to your girlfriend – but before you do – can you help me to my car – I am a little drunk & could do with your direction”?
“Ok” – he said.
I link arms with him – lean on him – pretend to be a little more pissed than I am & steer him in the direction of the car park.
All the while he natters on about his girlfriend – not wanting to be late & how she will be angry with him if she knew he was even speaking to another woman.
He blabbers on about her name – where she works & how beautiful she is.
What a great vulnerability he shows & how fucking wicked I am.

“I know her” – I say. “She is a friend of my son – she drinks in The Red Lion”.
I bluffed – although it wasn’t a difficult deduction from the information he divulged.
He shrunk – looked frightened & tries to hurry me along.
“What would she think of you helping an older horny woman back to her car eh?”
Fumbling he acknowledges that she would be really upset & asks me please not to tell her.
What an opportunity. I ponder the possibilities & make my move.

“Ok boy – here is the deal… I am hot & horny so if you do what I say & I will make sure she never finds out about this…”
“I will stand just over here for a moment while you make your mind up what you want…….an hour or two with a real woman…”
“Just think – you can take what you learn back to your little girl…she will love you more for it in the long run…”
“Or you can walk away…meet her as planned – but who knows what she will do when she finds out…. your call”.

Just before I move away – I reach down to his groin – cup his balls & feel his cock grow to enormous proportions.
I doubt there is much of a choice?
The boy takes only a few second before agreeing that perhaps he could give me a good time.
A sarcastic laugh escapes from my mouth – but I curb it.
I put my hand into his pocket & take out the keys to the building her came from.
I say nothing & lead him back there – opening the door & turning the lights on as I enter.
Now – having found a young nubile guy to entertain myself with – I wasn’t about to waste a moment.
Pushing him gently against the wall – my knee slightly spreading his legs – I move my mouth to his & start to kiss.
My God – I had forgotten how urgent & clumsy young guys kiss.

“Stop….like this”. I kiss his mouth gentle…licking & flicking across his lips with my tongue.
Each time the tempo increases & his pressure gets more urgent – I push him back & make him take it my way.
It isn’t long before his breathing hastens – his groin moves toward mine & his hands start to devour my body.
I bite the bullet – pull my pants down & spread my legs enough to invite him to touch me. He fumbles around – has no idea where a woman needs to be touched & flicks awkwardly in quite the wrong place.
Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised – but my God – this guy needs an anatomy lesson.
Moving away – I turn the lights up high – lie down on an area of work surface & spread my legs wide.

“Boy – you need to be taught what to do – so kneel down between my legs & watch what I do”.
The boy obliges.
I gently part my lips to expose everything.
Only marginally at first but as I see his intense gaze – I open myself even more.
Slowly I begin.
I dip my finger inside my cunt – take up some juice & bring my finger up to my clitoris & begin a slow – gentle rhythmical stroke. I tell you – the boy was mesmerised.
I doubt he has even been so close before to see just how a woman works.
My cunt is very wet – my lips open like a flower & as the boy looks on – his breathing gets deeper & his hand found its way to his cock.
Well – I wasn’t having that – he was there for me.
I snatch his hand away – and move it to me.

“Now” I say, “you watched what I did…you do it now”.

He was awkward at first but soon his touch gets better.
Every once in a while – he lost his thread & reverted to clumsy uncomfortable fumbling.
Each time this happened I glared at him – reminding him what a shame it would be if his girlfriend were ever to find out.
Funny how the threat of punishment can shape behaviour?
The build up in my cunt was powerful beyond belief – the waves taking me over in steady bursts at first – then intensifying until orgasm was inevitable.
The physical stimulation was enough in isolation.
But coupled with the head trip of dictating my terms to a young guy who clearly wasn’t smart enough to know when he was being manipulated – was overpowering.
Try as I did to ride the waves – keep myself on the brink – this young man technique was quite something.
I had taught him well.
As my body begins to judder – the throbbing in my cunt gets stronger.
I jerk this way & that – the wetness seeps out of me & as I scream out as I come – the juice squirts out of me onto his hand.
He takes his cock from his trousers – lifts my legs over my head & pulls his foreskin back.
Exposing his shiny plump head – looking at me with a “your fucking getting it” smirk & plunges mercilessly into me.
My God – it was deep inside me -so hard – young & urgent.
Suddenly the element of control I had managed to sustain – disappeared – I met each thrust with equal force – begging for more – hoping he would go on for ever.
The pent up frustration of the day was beginning to go & I wanted more.
Destined to be disappointed – the boy emptied his lot into me within seconds.
As he shuddered – yelped – his face contorted with ecstasy – I couldn’t help feel a mixture of things.
Satisfied that I had shown him some technique – after all – he made me orgasm.
Though I was pissed off though not surprised that a few minutes humping – and long before I was saturated – the boy spunked into me.
Want to hear something funny? He was very smitten & offered to dump his girlfriend for me. Laugh – I crumpled up.

“Nice try boy – but you were a means to an end…go to your little girl…I have no idea who the fuck she is… see ya”.

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