The Inner Elements of Free Local Sex

blondemilfBack in college, I took this philosophy class called structuralism. In this philosophy class, we looked at certain thoughts and explanations and looked at them not so much based on their content, but how they were structured. According to this philosophical analysis, if you are very mindful of how things are structured, you can pretty much change the power inherent that structure.

Now, of course, that philosophy class was taught primarily about political philosophy and a little bit of political economy, but believe it or not, this also applies to the inner elements of free local sex, or at the very least, websites that offer such sex.

You see, structure is very important because things take the form that they do for a reason. They don’t just happen by random. They appeal to some sort of function, they appeal to some sort of agenda, and it’s your job to figure out how to make the structure work for you instead of working against you.

Sadly, most guys never get to an analysis of the inner elements of a free local sex site like because they try and try and try, and once they feel that they’ve failed enough, they get the fuck out of there. They jump from one website to another. Maybe they get fucked every once in a while, but that’s pretty much it.

Well, if you want to get better results, understand the structure of free local sex sites and you will win. This is a guarantee. You will win. Why? You understand how that website is configured and you are able to determine the statistical as well as procedural weaknesses of their system.

In other words, you are able to spot weaknesses and turn them into advantages that give you a tremendous competitive advantage. Most of the guys, they are just trying and failing. You, on the other hand, are putting together a master plan. Be that guy.

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