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I accidentally saw uxdoll’s short hair sex doll online and was attracted by her beauty and high degree of simulation, so I went to learn more about it out of curiosity. Here is some understanding, use and feelings.

Most manufacturers on the market only advertise and exaggerate the attributes of her adult products as the main selling point, which in my opinion is just one of the things that affect people’s understanding of the industry. If you decide to buy a quality TPE sex doll just because of sex, then it won’t be long before you may be disappointed. Realistic butt is the choice you should make. Many people buy them back and have concerns thinking about how to hide them for storage, obviously a work of art and perfect being, she should not be hidden away.

The overall quality of the sex doll market varies, with prices ranging from $699 to $2000, while the simulation, sophistication and quality of sex dolls are related to the brand manufacturer and price. In addition, the price is different for dolls of different height and size. 170cm sex doll is more expensive than 140cm sex doll, and chubby fat sex doll is more expensive than skinny sex doll. It is worth mentioning that this premium TPE sex doll head to body ratio is normal, while inferior dolls will appear to be out of proportion.

The elasticity of the body skeleton joints of the doll is adjusted before leaving the factory. Inferior dolls will get looser the more you use them, luckily this is a high quality doll.

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