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I know that older women are sexual creatures. I understand that their desires don’t just flip off like a switch when they hit thirty. It’s even well-known that a woman’s sex drive actually increases with age. Even still, it’s difficult to imagine the women in your life being being filthy little sluts.

Maybe I shoudln’t have been so surprised when I stopped at my dad’s place last week to drop off some things and was confronted with my step mother’s sexuality like I never thought I would be. Now, I’m not some punk kid, I’m a grown man and my step mother is in her fifties. She’s always been a sweet older woman to me and she didn’t enter our lives until a couple of years ago. Soft spoken and sweet, she didn’t seem to be the type of woman who would be bent over with her pussy spread open in front of a webcam on the kitchen counter.

As it turns out, she’s been performing a mature porn cam show while my dad’s at work. I guess there are thousands of horny women who do this every day. They have amazing orgasms and can even earn tips. I swore I wouldn’t tell my dad what she’s been up to, but I didn’t promise I won’t be watching.

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