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I know that older women are sexual creatures. I understand that their desires don’t just flip off like a switch when they hit thirty. It’s even well-known that a woman’s sex drive actually increases with age. Even still, it’s difficult to imagine the women in your life being being filthy little sluts.

Maybe I shoudln’t have been so surprised when I stopped at my dad’s place last week to drop off some things and was confronted with my step mother’s sexuality like I never thought I would be. Now, I’m not some punk kid, I’m a grown man and my step mother is in her fifties. She’s always been a sweet older woman to me and she didn’t enter our lives until a couple of years ago. Soft spoken and sweet, she didn’t seem to be the type of woman who would be bent over with her pussy spread open in front of a webcam on the kitchen counter.

As it turns out, she’s been performing a mature porn cam show while my dad’s at work. I guess there are thousands of horny women who do this every day. They have amazing orgasms and can even earn tips. I swore I wouldn’t tell my dad what she’s been up to, but I didn’t promise I won’t be watching.

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Yes, technically speaking MILF means Mom I’d Like to Fuck and therefore all you need to be to qualify is a mom. That was never the intention of the definition though, meaning that just because you’re 19 years old and have a baby on your hip does not mean you’re a MILF. In porn terms you are still a teen then.

MILFs doesn’t have a an absolute agreed age range but rather loosely refers to all women who no longer look like they can pass for teen but also don’t yet look like they are matures. Matures being what we might typically in every day life refer to as younger grannies. Grannies in porn are typically much older ladies.

That’s why, when this cam site defines their milf cams category, they include all women between the ages of 30-49.

Oh yeah and by the way, you don’t need to actually even need to be a mom to be a MILF. All of these ‘classifications’ are purely indicative of how old you look, not even how old you really are. Except in the case of cam sites where it actually is how old you are, it’s just easier to manage that way.

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